Top Digital Marketing Products to Buy

In order to succeed online today you need the proper tools.  Depending on the type of marketing you are doing, you will need a certain set of tools. For example, if you are doing SEO, you will need tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and Semrush.  These tools will measure the backlinks, anchor text and general strength of a website. If you’re not familiar with this then taking a course in SEO will help you understand how and why this is important.

Funnel Marketing

If you want to build a list of customers that you can market to over time, you’ll need to set up a marketing funnel. The concept of this is pretty simple. You entice the prospect with a free offer to something they want, in exchange for an email. When you have the email you “own” the customer for life basically, or until they remain on your list.

One of the best funnel marketing products out there is Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to market to customers because it is pretty much a one stop shop. With many templates provided you can set up a sales funnel easily without having to guess much at work works and what doesn’t. Check out this Clickfunnels review online to see if it is a tool for you.

Ecommerce Tools

With ecommerce, some of the tools to be successful will overlap. For example you will need to know what your competitors are doing by using SEO tools as mentioned above. Analyzing competition is very important in ecom as you need to model what your competition is doing if they are crushing it. Never copy, but do what the successful ones are doing. This is a basic but essential strategy that you need to incorporate. When it comes to marketing, unless you have a brilliant idea, stick with what works.

If you are in the ecom game then you probably have heard of Shopify. Shopify is a leading ecom platform that makes it easy for you to sell products online. Famous for drop shipping.  Shopify has great themes that can be used to easily add products to sell to your customers. They also have many apps that can enhance your store, however these can greatly add in your overall cost so you should be warned that it can get expensive.

Get a Review

Whatever type of business you decide to get into, you should always get a review of the digital product before you buy.  A review site like will help you decide whether a digital product you want to buy is worth it or not. It’s always good to get a second opinion on any tool you buy considering there are some tools out there that are simply not worth the money.

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