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Another way to keep abreast of recent developments pertaining to various fields is subscribing to one or more computer journals and/or magazines. These publications contain valuable information that you can use to further your computer career. Here is a brief FAQ on computer journals and magazines.

What’s the difference? Computer journals tend to be more academic in nature and contain articles about theoretical research, as opposed to nuts-and-bolts how-to articles. They may or may not include advertising. Magazines almost always include advertising and tend to focus on practical how-to information and product reviews.

In print, online, or both? In this digital age, almost every computer journal and magazine offers an online version, or at least a portion of their content online. Which type of subscription you get depends on your preference: Do you like to read online, or do you prefer the feel of a magazine in your hands? Sometimes online subscriptions can be cheaper. Recently, has begun offering computer publications such as InformationWeek on the Kindle. However, subscribers seem to disagree about whether this is a good idea — some readers have complained that the Kindle version is not always complete, or available in a timely manner.

How much does it cost? The pricing of computer journal and magazine subscriptions is all over the map. Some are absolutely free, especially online subscriptions. Others are quite expensive. For example, The Computer Journal (a publication of the British Computer Society) is $1,484/year (10 issues) for non-BCS members. eWeek magazine is a little more affordable — its cover price is $195/year (21 issues). InformationWeek is $199/year (32 issues). Sometimes, employers will cover the cost of a subscription, if the content of the publication is relevant to your job.

Are discounts available? Memberships in various associations that publish journals usually include a subscription to one or more publications. Also, magazine marketing Web sites such as and offer discounts. For example, you can find eWeek magazine for $125/year at these sorts of Web sites, a savings of $70/year. Discounted subscriptions can vary from site to site, so it pays to shop around.

What’s in them? The specific content depends on the focus of the publication and whether or not it’s an academic/research publication. But in general, you’ll find the following types of content:

  • editorials
  • letters to the editor
  • theoretical or empirical research articles
  • case studies
  • book reviews
  • product reviews
  • industry news
  • tutorials

What about contributing? If you’ve been in your computer career for a few years, you probably have valuable knowledge to share with your colleagues. Being a peer reviewer for a publication and publishing articles in computer journals and magazines is a great way to advance the body of knowledge in your field. In addition, you can mention your published articles on your resume, increasing your credibility with potential employers.

What journals and magazines are out there? It would be virtually impossible to provide an exhaustive list of every computer journal and magazine available both in print and online — there are literally thousands of them. For example, one Web site lists 773 Information Systems journals alone. A fantastically complete list of available journals from A to Z can be found here: Below is just a brief sampling of computer publications, arranged alphabetically.

  • ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems
  • ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications
  • ACM Transactions on the Web
  • Baseline (business technology teams)
  • Computer Magazine (published by IEEE-CS)
  • Computer Music Journal
  • ComputerWorld
  • eWeek
  • IEEE Micro (for chip and silicon systems designers
  • IEEE Multimedia
  • IEEE Security and Privacy
  • IET Computer Vision
  • InfoWorld
  • Information Security Magazine
  • Integrated Solutions
  • International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer and Information Science and Engineering
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation
  • Mission Critical (data center, emergency backup)
  • Network Security Journal
  • Processor Magazine (data center products and technologies)
  • Website Magazine

Last Updated: 04/26/2014

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